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Says Seth


Belches, farts and poop. Penises, butts and boobs. All the great taboos plus love, food, unanswered questions and more.

Life as observed and explained through the words of one very funny six year old boy. Followed up with snarky commentary by his Daddy, because he can. More...

Coming Early 2014 - MORE Says Seth

More on bodily functions, body parts, family, math and money. A second collection offering all new quotes and conversations on everything you can imagine.  Plus a wagon-load of other topics that pre-occupy young minds.

Yes, Seth himself did come up with the title. More...

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Says Seth and More Says Seth will make you laugh out loud.

Clip Art Masterpieces and White Lightning Stock Photography will help you be more creative.


Voices of the Main Line Writers


​Pick up Unclaimed Baggage and discover the treasures it contains. A collection of short stories and poetry representing the voices of 19 members from the Main Line Writers Group in southeastern PA. Catch these rising stars now.


Gibson Girl Giant Scans


Scanned in super high res from original sources. Over 200  images in high res 800 DPI for reproduction in monster sizes or super high resolution. Royalty free use.


Classic People Black & White Photos 1


Professional portraits and family photos, all with people being the primary focus. A White LIghtning exclusive scanned from original prints and negatives from 1920-1960. You won't find these images elsewhere. Royalty free use but not model released.


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Beach Boys Archives Volume 1 More Says Seth


Jan & Dean Archives Volume 1


Jan & Dean Archives Volume 2

Says Seth

Let's Punch Them in the Face and Taske All Their Toys


Life Observations from a Six Year Old Perspective


Unclaimed Baggage

Voices of the Main Line Writers Group

By Author

Jane Butler

Sarah Cain

Judy Chow

Tony Conaway

Susan Drummond

July Duffy

Suzanne Feathers

Sigmund Gard

Joan Hill

Tom Joyce

Walter Lawn

Lorinda Lende

Bill McCambley

Matthew McGeehin

Robert Charles Mercer

Martha Nawrocki

Susanna Reilly

Thomas Jay Rush

Elizabeth Stolar

William Young

Gary Zenker

Seth Zenker

Let's Punch Them In The Face and Take All Their Toys - A Six Year Old Gives Surprisingly Good Business Advice


​Possibly the longest title ever written for a book. Seth's smart quotes applied to business situations. Seth and his Daddy show what YOUR BUSINESS can learn from a six year old's comments and observations. More...


Unclaimed Baggage

Voices of the Main Line Writers Group





Unclaimed Baggage

Voices of the Main Line Writers Group

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