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Gary Zenker

Marketing strategic and implementer. Author. Humorist. And Daddy.

When he isn't being Daddy to Seth:  GARY ZENKER is a twelve-time award-winning marketing professional, which he claims isn't as sexy as it sounds even if it doesn't sound sexy at all. He spends most of his time creating marketing strategies, writing ad copy, and otherwise convincing people that his clients' stuff is better than other companies' stuff. He also offers marketing consulting for non-profits, which he claims is often non-profit for him, as well.

His work has won a shelf full of awards and exceeded sales goals using out-of-the-box thinking. His other writings have appeared in a wide variety  industry publications and his humor columns ran in several newspapers. Gary writes on a variety of marketing-related topics in his blog, The Big Aha. 

Gary also founded and runs the successful Main Line Writers Group. Discover more on Gary Zenker at or


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